W3 Swimming Lessons

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Swimming is at the heart of what we do here at W3 Club. Learning to swim is a fundamental life skill for every child. With expert, qualified teachers, your child will thrive and develop through the Swim England framework.

About our Swimming Lessons

At W3 we love teaching swimming! With over 100 classes per week we pride ourselves on delivering consistent and quality tuition.

We believe swimming is an essential life skill that everyone should have the opportunity to explore. Whether you’re a child or an adult, swimming can help with motor development, alleviate stress and help maintain physical and mental wellbeing.

The Swimming lessons follow the Swim England Learn to Swim Programme where swimmers are rewarded throughout their progress. To view the swimming pathway click on this link http://www.swimming.org/swimengland/learn-to-swim-programme

Lessons run throughout the year on a 40 week plan with swimmers now being continually assessed and moved through the stages at their own pace based on ability. There is also an opportunity for parents to monitor their child’s progress on our state of the art home portal which you can access at anytime and anywhere online.

We strive to make your swim journey unforgettable and smooth as possible. With the changes made to a continuous lessons every individual can have a tailor-made experience. Allowing the swimmers to move through the stages at their own pace. With the improvements we can now offer the following.

Trigger emails to alert you that your block of lessons is coming to an end allowing you to top-up from the website!
Once a stage assessment has been completed, you will be able to move your child to the next stage online. Giving you full visibility of all spaces in the programme.

How to Enrol

To ensure that you and your child feel safe coming back to W3 Club’s Swimming lesson programme, we have put in a number of practices to make sure that all lessons are a fun and safe place to be.

  • Lessons will have staggered start times to reduce the congestion around poolside.
  • During lessons we will not be allowing parents to watch, again this will allow us to maintain social distancing.
  • Dedicated drop off and pick up zones in both pools.
  • Extra cleaning for the poolside and equipment.
  • Face shields for teachers.

Swim Lessons Timetable

Enquire about Swimming Lessons


By removing terms no one is ever left behind. You can join and move up at a speed that is specific to your needs.

Assessment can happen more often, our teachers will aim to asses your child’s progress every two to three weeks. This extra feedback helps to encourage and support your child’s progress.

Initially to change classes this will need to be action at reception.

In the coming weeks you will be able to view your child’s progress online, move to another day and time (where space allows) and top up sessions.

You can enrol at any time however we do expect a peak of bookings prior to the 7th of September.  This may mean space available after this date maybe more limited.