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Supplier Payment Policy

To ensure prompt payment and reduce the risk of invoice rejections

  • The invoice must be in English, addressed to W3 Club Limited
  • Emailed invoices should be sent to [email protected]. We can accept invoices in Word and PDF format, though PDF is preferred.
  • Paper invoices should be sent to:

W3 Club Limited
70 Jermyn Street
United Kingdom

  • Invoices sent, or emailed, to any other W3 Club address other than the above may incur significant delays in payment.
  • Purchase Order numbers must be quoted clearly on the front page of the invoice
  • Invoices must mirror the Purchase Order (i.e. state the goods and services in a similar format – quantity, price per unit, total price per line)
  • Excluding rent invoices, W3 Club does not pay any amounts on pro-forma invoices and so a full VAT invoice will need to be issued.

We operate a no purchase order, no payment policy

Our staff are required to issue you with a formal purchase order for any goods or services before you supply anything. If you don’t get a purchase order, your invoice will be returned to you unpaid. Make sure you get a copy of the purchase order from your contact.  If it’s necessary to return an invoice to you, you will receive an email explaining why. Co-operating with this policy is one of the best ways to ensure that you receive payment promptly. If this process has not been followed then W3 Club retain the right to refuse payment.

The only exceptions to this rule are property rents, rates, and utilities.

Complaints or Disputes

In the first instance, any disputes with regards to payments or orders should be raised with the club manager that ordered the goods or services, copying [email protected] If this does not lead to a satisfactory resolution, then please contact [email protected], including the initial correspondence.