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Our Vision and Philosophy

The Natare Way is our philosophy and guides us in achieving our collective purpose in proving it’s possible to be ‘happy’ and ‘successful’.

There are no guarantees of success within sport, but with a positive and applied approach to personal growth, we can achieve one of the most enjoyable and rewarding journeys.

Personal Growth

It is our passion to provide every member with the opportunity to progress their swimming in a safe, fun and innovative way. Our collective individual experiences within swimming has led us to focus our ethos on developing young people with confidence, self-identity, self- awareness and a curiosity to ‘Own their Journey’.

We believe that with this positive holistic approach, we will perform better. We acknowledge that performance sport can be a demanding environment but approaching this with a growth mindset and embracing a dual career track alongside our sporting endeavours will yield the most enriching experience.

Wellbeing and Happiness

At Natare, we care about the collective welfare of the team and provide support when there are injuries, illness, academic strains, personal difficulties and endeavour to create a positive sport and life balance.

Where appropriate, the coaching network will implement interventions based on wellbeing and workload data collected in the training environment. We wholeheartedly support the use of all evidence-based techniques such as flotation chambers, meditation, yoga, recovery rooms and hot and cold therapy. We know that a happy athlete is more likely to perform.

Ownership and Self-Awareness

Our NWL team-mates feel confident and accountable in their individual level of performance, behaviour and engagement. Steering their career in a direction that motivates and inspires them.

Together with the coaching and support staff networks, NWL athletes are proactive in effectively managing life-stress and challenges which occur in and out of the training environment.

It is our long term goal to develop truly independent athletes who are able to own their performance and possess the traits of personal and athletic character to empower them.

Teamwork and Communication

At NWL we strive to work together closely as an athlete-centred team. This relationship is built on trust and integrity with the coaching staff providing guidance while involving the athlete in the planning and improvement process. Our athletes have clearly defined roles and responsibilities. Utilising the appropriate review techniques we maximise understanding and address our key areas of opportunity across identified performance areas.

This relationship that requires the upmost respect and above all joint accountability.

“I’m far more outgoing and confident, I feel comfortable sharing how I feel with coaches and friends and family.”

Want to be a part of what we do?

If you resonate with the values outlined here and are passionate about maximizing the growth in both your personal and athletic journeys then please contact us on [email protected]