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What does the closure mean for me

W3 Club is undergoing a significant transformation, which will involve an extensive construction and refurbishment project covering all areas of the club. For this reason, the club will temporarily close on 30th November 2020 to commence construction. We anticipate that the total project will take between 9 – 12 months to complete.

W3 Club will be beginning a full construction project, which covers the entire club facility, inside and out. As you will see, the blueprint for the new club is entirely different to the current layout, as well as adding in additional floor space This means it requires extensive construction throughout. This inevitably means that the whole club will be taken over and unsafe for us to continue any club operations during this period.

We have considered a number of options for the phasing of construction. Given the extent of the proposed changes, as well as the safety concerns that this would bring, we have decided that the project can be completed in less time and safely by closing temporarily. To complete such a huge transformation and remain open would mean that the project would take much longer to complete, whilst also costing significantly more to do so.

As you know, we started our work on developing the concept as soon as we took over the club. However, this development was in its early stages when the COVID-19 pandemic started, and the eventual lockdown also meant that this work was delayed.

 We were able to re-open the club safely and monitor the impact of the lockdown on the club as part of our decision making. Having reviewed all scenarios and the current impact, it was decided to temporarily close the club during the current restrictions, as we can turn around the construction for the end of next year.

It is uncertain when the club will re-open, as the construction timeline is currently being produced. We are aiming for this to be completed and re-open before the end of 2021. We will be sending regular updates to all of our members and subscribers, as well as on our social media channels. As soon as we can make more announcements we will do so accordingly.

New Club Concepts

The vision for W3 Club is a huge transformation from our current business model and involves change throughout the whole club and service offering.

W3 Club will be a high-end, innovative, premium fitness and wellness club with an adult only offering. This will move us closer to achieving a holistic approach to health and fitness and our focus areas of Workout, Wellness, Water.

 The development of the plan is still in progress, but we anticipate that the total transformation budget will be between £7.5 million and £9.5 million.

The new club will be introducing some of the most innovative and technologically advanced fitness and wellness facilities in the world. This includes: a new additional strength & conditioning gym; performance, wellness & boutique studio spaces; a large new space for rejuvenation activities; extensive outdoor training facilities; a new premium spa and a high-end club renovation throughout.

No area of the club will be untouched in the new concept. We will be unveiling new premium locker

spaces, relaxing premium spa and a café as a central hub of the club. New mezzanine spaces will be created to maximise space, meaning we can add additional boutique studios and gym floor space to the current club offering.

Watch out in club  for more detailed updates as we will be sharing much more over the next few weeks.

We are currently processing the application to add a new 50 metre pool as an extension to W3 Club and will update further once this progresses.

Yes, we will certainly be keeping the tennis courts, but also adding in two new padel tennis courts and an outdoor fitness space. Padel is a new fast-growing version of tennis and the courts will be available exclusively to our W3 Club members. 

We will be using some outdoor space to introduce an extensive outdoor training facility, but the club will still have at least 6 outdoor tennis courts and 2 padel courts when we re-open next year.

As part of our competitor review and concept development, we decided that an adult only offering would be the best positioning and allows us to create clear differentiation within the local market. We appreciate that this represents a big change for a lot of our current members, but we feel that this is the best way forward in creating a sustainable and profitable business model in future.

Definitely. Some of the final concepts are still being completed, but we are planning to share as much as possible and give you lots of information about the new club in advance of closing for construction to begin.

This will be visible in club as well as being shared with all of our members and subscribers.

W3 Club Team

We announced this big change to our team very recently and are now working with them closely to understand the impact that this may have on their various roles in club during the period of closure. 

We appreciate that this is a big change for everybody and ask that all members are mindful of this in the coming months as we work through this challenging time with the team. Please ensure that you direct any correspondence to the relevant means identified below.


Please make sure you have opted in to receive emails from the club, we will be sending regular updates about the changes at W3 Club and providing much more detail as the coming weeks progress.

We will be creating an area for updates on our website, which will include new visuals and information about the new concept, as well as updated FAQs for our members.

Also, we will start to include more information on all of our social media channels so please make sure you have followed us.

Firstly, please check the FAQs which we will be updating regularly on our website. If you have any questions that are not covered by our member FAQs, please email [email protected]

Please be mindful that in the coming weeks the club is likely to have a high level of enquiries and our team will be working hard to respond. Our team are also taking on board a lot of changes, so please appreciate that this is going to be a challenging period for all team members in club.

Keep checking the FAQ’s, we will update them regularly and we will continue to send updates as the weeks progress.

Membership Questions

The last Direct Debit prior to the temporary closure of the club is to be 1st November 2020. Members will continue to have full use of the club right up to the end of November.

Members do not need to request cancellation, as all Direct Debit payments will automatically stop after 1st November. We will be contacting all members regarding any changes to their current membership terms and conditions during the period of closure, once we confirmed what this will mean.


We are working through a consistent process for all members and within our terms and conditions. This means we will process all swimming lesson refunds to cover the period after closure and we will be processing cancellation requests within our usual terms and conditions. We are unable to accommodate a high number of individual requests, or to treat any members differently, which would be inconsistent and unfair.

We are still working towards finalising the pricing structure of the new W3 Club offering. Given the new positioning and investment in the facilities, we do anticipate that this will lead to an increased membership subscription rate upon re-opening and we will confirm the rates well in advance of re-opening. 

However, we are working to confirm an estimate of the new pricing structure in advance of our temporary closure and we are also working to ensure that our existing members receive favourable membership rates.

We are still looking to finalise membership prices upon re-opening and no changes will be made to the price before the temporary closure begins. Given the new positioning and the level of investment in the club, we are likely to introduce membership prices that are higher than the current rates at the club and more reflective of the premium facilities and innovative environment at W3 Club. 

Current members will be communicated to throughout and will have an opportunity to accept the new rates on offer, well in advance of the club opening and before payments re-start. We will aim to confirm this process as soon as possible.


We do very much value our members and appreciate that many of you have been with us for a long time. In conjunction with our new pricing strategy, it is our goal to ensure all current members receive a favourable membership rate prior to re-opening W3 Club next year. We hope to communicate this well in advance of the temporary closure and in conjunction with the confirmation of the club facilities and visuals in club.

 We are working to ensure members are able to see the new concepts well before the end of November and we will be sending members exclusive updates throughout the period of closure.

Yes. We will identify all pre-paid members and be in touch to arrange a refund, to include any subscriptions paid for months after the end of November 2020.

After the Direct Debit in November, completed by our partners DFC, all Direct Debits will be stopped until further notice. You do not need to cancel your subscription, as no payments will be taken during the period of closure.

No payments for new memberships will be taken until the club re-opens and members have had ample opportunity to consider the new club concept, subscription rates, terms and conditions. We will make it very clear how this will happen at a later date.

All memberships that are currently frozen will have the same terms as all members who are currently paying. We will communicate with you in the same way as the active members and you will have the same opportunity to accept the new club concept, subscription rates, terms and conditions. We will make it very clear how this will happen at a later date. 

Should you wish to reactivate for the last month, you can do this by speaking to one of the membership team in club.

As with the process for all members, we will be in touch to confirm any changes to the current memberships and terms. No payments for new memberships will be taken until the club re-opens and members have had ample opportunity to consider the new club concept, subscription rates, terms and conditions. We will make it very clear how this will happen at a later date.


As with the pre-paid membership rates, we will identify members who have active sessions pre-paid and we will reimburse any sessions that are unable to go ahead due to the closure from the end of November. 


The club will operate as normal and members can use the facilities right up to 30th November 2020. We will confirm the final closing time in advance.


Yes, we will be aiming to run our current class timetable and lessons right up to the last day of opening.


We will be looking to introduce a favourable opt-in rate for our existing members, but the Vitality rate is unlikely to be continued upon re-opening the new club concept in 2021.

No payments for new memberships will be taken until the club re-opens and members have had ample opportunity to consider the new club concept, subscription rates, terms and conditions. We will make it very clear how this will happen at a later date.


Our focus at the moment is on the preparation of the club plans and on working with our team at this challenging time. We are unable to spend time negotiating rates for members with competitors. There are a lot of different clubs in the area and members will likely want to train at a facility that suits them best, not one that we select on their behalf.

As we confirmed previously, we are working to establish our own pricing for the future and all members will definitely have favourable terms at the new W3 Club, providing they have been a member with us this year.

We are reviewing all old packages at the moment as we have a high number of different subscription options. However, along with other packages we will be looking to reduce the number of different packages upon re-opening, there will be less categories and more transparent rates for all members.

No payments for new memberships will be taken until the club re-opens and members have had ample opportunity to consider the new club concept, subscription rates, terms and conditions. We will make it very clear how this will happen at a later date.


All club facilities will be closed from the end of November 2020. The whole club will be considered to be a construction site and this works covers both indoor and outdoor activities.

We are not planning to sporadically sell off gym equipment to members at this time. All gym equipment (and other club assets) fall under the overall gym project and the removal / sale of the gym equipment will be handled as a whole, which is typical in large gym trade outs. We will be unable to accommodate individual requests during the period of closure.

No unfortunately all facilities on the W3 Club site will be out of use until the club re-opens.