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Provide a supportive, motivating and inspiring environment that promotes and enables holistic wellbeing

Swim Fit

Hydro will help you tone your body, refine your technique and keep fit, while giving your mind time off from the grind. And, of course, our elite coaches are always on-hand for advice and suggestions.


Swimming is in our DNA at W3 Club – a core part of our founding philosophy was created by elite-level, Olympic, professional swimmers – so if you’re keen to work on your confidence in the water or work on your technique, our 30-minute, one-to-one sessions with a coach will help you take your swimming to the next level.


Introduce children to the water with our expert coaching for kids aged 3 months and up. Get them into the water early and see their confidence in the water soar, while teaching them techniques that will last a lifetime.

Being part of W3 Club isn’t just about the fitness gains. You’ll be part of a club that values mental wellbeing just as highly as physical achievements.

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