Cycle Studio

Strength \ Stamina \ Power

Provide a supportive, motivating and inspiring environment that promotes and enables holistic wellbeing

Group cycle

Our Group Cycle fitness sessions aim to help you burn fat, build endurance and release plenty of mental health-enhancing endorphins.


Our indoor cycling sessions are set to music and allow you to control the resistance and speed. Workout at your own pace and enjoy the positive effects of cycling for both mind and body.


If you’re serious about cycling, our Wattbike will give you the feedback you need to keep improving. With 100 measurements taken at every revolution of the pedals and data on 40 aspects of your cycling performance, it’s no wonder the Wattbike is endorsed by British Cycling and is perfect for Olympic champions and keen amateurs alike to improve fitness.

Being part of W3 Club isn’t just about the fitness gains. You’ll be part of a club that values mental wellbeing just as highly as physical achievements.

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