W3 Club is currently closed due to the government guidance on Covid-19

Coronavirus Updates

Updated 23rd June 2020

In line with the ongoing government recommendations relating to Covid-19, we will unfortunately be remaining closed until the guidelines advise it is safe to open. 

In line with the ongoing government recommendations relating to Covid-19, we will be remaining closed until the guidelines advise it is safe to fully open our doors.

Our priority is the health and wellbeing of our members and our team, and reducing the risk of the virus spreading due to social interaction at our club. 

Please note that as a result of the ongoing closure, membership payments will continue to be frozen until the club can open.

We are also monitoring government guidance on a daily basis and can assure you we will update you as soon as new information about re-opening comes to light. In the meantime, please keep an eye on our social channels and your inbox for updates from W3 Club at home. We have a steady timetable of low and high-intensity classes available on Instagram which will help you to keep energised and moving, even while at home. You will find the timetable here.

Lastly, thank you to all the members who have reached out to the team. Whilst we are extremely disappointed to not be helping you achieve your fitness goals in person, please know we are using this time to do as much as we possibly can to improve the club and get it ready for the day you all can return. We look forward to welcoming you back as soon as it is safe to do so.

Please find FAQs below relating to the questions and concerns that were raised in the recent survey we sent to members regarding re-opening plans.


No. The club is currently closed due to Covid-19 in efforts to keep our members and staff as safe and well as possible. We will update you via email and the website as and when this changes. Please also download our app ready fore reopening announcements and bookings.

We do not have a confirmed date yet and the whole club will be remaining closed until we have advice from the government.


We have a steady timetable of high and low intensity classes every day! Head to our W3 Club at home timetable here.

You can join our live classes on Instagram (@w3clublondon).

As you will know the club often has busy peak times and very quiet off-peak times. We will be looking at overall capacity, across all areas and implementing a booking system to ensure we control access at peak hours.

Our team will be available to control access to the club to ensure that members who have bookings can easily gain access.

As the weeks progress and when we understand that the club is being safely used, we may be able to open up capacity to higher numbers if required.

Members will be able to book several gym or activity sessions each week, but we will ensure we do not exceed limited numbers at peak times. We anticipate that this may result in usage being spread throughout the day and reducing high and low usage periods but aim to maintain the ability for all members to use the club as often as they like each week.

We are currently reviewing overall class capacity and the timetable to ensure we do not allow classes to exceed the social distancing limits. Studios will be clearly spaced out, marked, and capacity will be amended to ensure the studios provide adequate space for all members booked in.

The club has a lot of open space and outdoor space. We are reviewing the overall usage of club space, to ensure we can offer as many classes as possible and in a safe manner. This may mean that some classes are adapted to take place outdoors, or in a suitable, more open space.

We will also have additional safety measures in place upon entering the club, which will include sanitiser, screens to protect our team and temperature checking of all members and team members on entry.

Members or team members who have a temperature that indicates they may have a fever, will not be allowed access to the club. We are taking further advice to ensure we implement this action consistently and in line with medical advice.

New sanitiser stations will be installed throughout the club and new cleaning provisions in the gym and studios.

We will be training all of our team members prior to opening, as well as communicating all actions to members. We have established a ‘COVID Task Force’ in club, including a number of team members who will be re-deployed to carry out important safety actions throughout the day.

We aim to be very responsive and flexible in our approach, so as guidelines change and new best practice arises, we will be continually improving our actions. Members will have the ability to give feedback and if you have any suggestions or questions you can always contact us at [email protected]

A review is taking place, in conjunction with government and industry guidance. We will be opening club facilities where we are confident that we can maintain social distancing at all times. If areas of the club are identified to present a higher risk, they may remain closed temporarily until guidance changes, or new measures can be implemented.

We will aim to open the facilities in line with government and industry advice, which may potentially mean that certain areas are phased at a later date, but we will always do so in conjunction with the advice and when we are confident that we can implement the measures in full.

The club facilities will be re-organised and spaced accordingly to implement social distancing rules. Where possible, we will use the wider club space to ensure total gym capacity is maintained.

We should have some further government guidelines in advance of reopening, as well as best practice from within the industry. If we can operate children’s activities safely and aligned to government advice, we will aim to do so.

Before re-opening the club will have additional hand sanitiser stations throughout, including on entry and around high use areas of the club. Our team members are all being provided with PPE to wear in club and clear screens are being installed at reception.

Throughout the club, we will have clear signage to demonstrate the required actions and to designate the 2 metre social distancing action, including ‘one way’ systems to control member flow where required.

Members who do not follow guidelines, or put other members or our team at risk, will be asked to leave the club

All research seems to demonstrate that pool operation is safe, due to the levels of chlorine within the pool. However, initially we will need to ensure that we still do not allow social distancing to be compromised. We will have to initially limit total numbers in the pool and the locker rooms, to ensure social distancing is in place and we will continue to monitor this as advice develops in future.

Before the lockdown our courts were in the middle of being refurbished, re-sanded and revived. This job remains incomplete due to the lockdown and we are working on getting this work finished. Therefore, we cannot open our tennis courts immediately, so we plan to open them at the same time as the rest of the club.

When we do re-open the court, we will be opening in accordance with the LTA guidance, which will be displayed in club and available on the LTA website. At present, the advice is that only singles tennis can be played, which means we may also need to review our current programme. We will continue to review the guidelines and amend our measures when possible.

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