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W3 Club is a new kind of fitness, wellbeing and swim space. It will be a place where a truly holistic approach is taken to helping its members achieve their goals, whatever their level. Based in West London, W3 Club is committed to creating the only space in London that offers workout, wellness and water in one location, close to the city centre.

Being part of W3 Club isn’t just about the fitness gains. You’ll be part of a club that values mental wellbeing just as highly as physical achievements.

What are you doing this week that makes you feel happy and successful?

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W3 Club is going to be a new kind of fitness, wellbeing and swim space in West London. It will be a place where a truly holistic approach is taken to helping its members achieve their goals, whatever their level.

Classes scheduled in the timetable will remain as they are in the foreseeable future. W3 Club plans to review all classes in 2020 and members will be notified of any changes well in advance.

We are currently working with architects to finalise plans for refurbishment in the club. We will communicate our plans and timeframes with members in due course.

From the 1st December W3 Club will continue to sell memberships similar to those sold in November. The discounted 18-25 membership will no longer be availible to new members nor will multi site memberships. The family bundle memberships will also no longer be availiable for new members. All existing memberships are unaffected by these changes.

W3 Club hope all team members and coaches remain with the club after transfer. W3 Club have been working with Krishan Patel, the GM, and the wider team throughout the transition and the team members and coaches are really excited about new opportunities that the club will offer.

Vitality have decided not to offer W3 Club Members the ability to earn points. W3 Club will however continue to honor the rate of membership to existing Vitality members. Vitality will not allow W3 Club to sell these memberships from 1st December.

There will be no immediate changes to membership terms for existing members of the club. W3 Club will undertake a review of memberships in due course and will communicate any changes to members.

From 1st December members will be able to book classes online on the W3 Club website. The advanced booking of 7 days will not be possible over the transition day.

Nothing changes although from 1st January 2020 multi access members will no longer have access to other Virgin Active Clubs. As a result if you would like to re-contract and take advantage of the 12 month membership price please speak to the club team.

Please contact Krishan Patel, your GM or a member of his team.